Whose Shoes?

Welcome to AtYourHeels, a blog for those in the world who also dream of filling 
the empty void in their closet's hearts with endless beautiful shoes.

I am new to this and still trying to find my "voice," but essentially my work evolves 
around wanting to design shoes that are guaranteed to outshine the others in the room.

I like edgy, I like delicate. 
I like clean lines, I like detail.
I like tall, I like comfortable.
I like black. I like tacky colors.

I suppose those elements clash, yet somewhere in the middle is where you find AtYourHeels

I hope this can be a way for me to publicly show my illustrations to a larger
audience and get feedback on my ideas.

Thank you for visiting!

- Ane Johannessen

PS. (As of now), I do not have Pinterest, Instagram, or any 
other social media account associated with the blog.

° ° °

19 years old and based in New York.
Journalism and Art History major, and I do not study fashion or shoe design. Instead, this is a hobby (as of now) that I hope can maybe turn into a career in the future.
All designs are 100% original, designed by, drawn by, and painted by me.