16 - Crystal Ballerina Heel

A variation of my Pink Ballerina Heeled Sandal, with a crystal decorated sole (that continues/doubles as a strap), that encircles the foot with sheer silk organza.


15 - Strapped Knee-High Boots

Two pointed knee-high boots in suede with a stiletto heel. The forest green boot on the left has straps buckled to the front that drape down the back; The navy boot on the right is wrapped with adjustable straps.


14 - Pearl Lined Pattern Heel (2)

Here comes a second version of my previous post, where the straps and toe-cap are printed with a diamond pattern and lined with miniature pearls, followed by sheer purple organza scrunched around the back of the heel. This is 2 of 5, more coming soon!


13 - Pearl Lined Diamond Patterned Heel (1)

A heel where the straps and toe-cap are printed with a diamond pattern and lined with miniature pearls, followed by sheer purple organza around the ankle cuff. This is 1 of 5, with more coming very soon.


12 - NYFW's Best Shoes (Part 1)

New York Fashion Week is currently underway and half the internet is eager to see the latest collections and to spot the upcoming trends of next Spring. However, with so many designers and so many looks and so many backstage shots and so many front row pictures to review, let's be real. It's an exhausting task.

So for those of you who want the easy way out (in terms of footwear), I present to you the works of three designers who must not be ignored due to their, dare I say, absolutely perfect shoes from their Spring 2014 Ready To Wear collections.

Rag and Bone, which is wearable without sacrificing style. 

Prabal Gurung, who reinvented the "classic" we all have enough of in our closets already.

Rebecca Minkoff, whose lace ups are just damn genius. 

Then again, these are choices based on my dislike for the "less is more" rule when it comes to shoes. Are you as blown away by these as I? Or is less really more after all. 

Sources: and Fashionising.


11 - Over The Knee Chiffon Sandals

Two different red and gray over-the-knee sandals, as a fun and feminine design inspired by this year's popular over-the-knee gladiator/sandal trend (as you may already be familiar with from designers such as Tom Ford, Versace, Alexander Wang, and more). Would you wear either of these?


10 - Sailor Heel

A dark blue pointed heel, with a thick rope that braids around the ankle cuff and falls behind the back of the heel, reining in the chained sheer chiffon. If that makes any sense.


9 - Gold Studded Red Wedge

A gold studded red wedge, with a slightly more intense heel-height than what I imagine it would have in real life. Yay or nay? Judge away.