18 - Military Green Bootie

Military Green Bootie, with a gray platform and stiletto heel and shoe string buckles, making it the perfect shoe for your Fall trench-coat-and-leather-pants wardrobe. 

Question: Are you interested in me posting shoe designs inspired by YOUR INDIVIDUAL ideas (such as image links, concepts, etc.)? Let me know in the comment box!


  1. I love it!! great style and beautiful color!!!

  2. I need to have this right now. The outfit you imagined to pair it with is just perfect for this. It's such a great coincidence because I was planning to do a Amber from Suckerpunch-inspired outfit and these shoes would have been perfect!! I love it:) Definitely interested!:D

    ♥ Charms | my ∞ fashion confession

  3. Very nice! Great post.Amazing pictures ;)

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    Kiss Madina

  4. OMG, I just stumbled across your blog, and you're really talented. Your designs are amazing!

  5. i love that design! the heel above looks great and i like the color combo of green! weel done

  6. Nice <3


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