8 - Floral Strapped Bootie

After two dark designs comes a happier one. A fun, fresh, and feminine floral strapped bootie, where the pink floral and the miniature white pearl encrusted front flap is attached to the gray bootie by straps that zig-zag around it.


7 - Leather Panel Wedge

To celebrate my return to New York tonight (home sweet home), comes a shoe that ultimately captures everything you could ever want from footwear in the city right now. A black leather panel wedge. Black because New Yorkers are all about black (no matter what you're told otherwise), leather because it's still in season (hallelujah!), and a wedge because in a city where walking 40 blocks a day is normal, stilettos (or sparkly UGGs for that matter) just won't make the cut.

I also want to thank those who have visited AtYourHeels! I haven't checked out most of your blogs yet because I've been busy with packing, and chances are I will be equally busy settling in this week, so I ask you to bear with me and I promise I'll be making visits and leaving comments soon!


6 - Gray Three Strap Bootie

Gray three strap bootie, made out of leather. Suede. Patent. Who knows. Perfect for those of you who want an upgrade from plain black booties.


5 - Bead Twined Sandals

In celebration of the black strappy sandal trend (quick! before it ends) and the fact that a month-long period of rainstorms in Norway has come to an end (back on my summer grind), I present to you something a little more cohesive than my lonely shoes so far; five slinky BEAD-twined strappy sandals. Personally, I like the second and fifth one the most. Which is your favorite?

PS. Click the image for a closer look.


4 - Purple Feathered Sandal

The goal for my work is that the shoe should be able to be worn with the simplest outfit, and make it cool and not boring. This sandal definitely achieves the purpose, with a feathered and bejeweled front, held back by straps that stretch behind the sole and meet at the back of the heel.


3 - Triple Buckle Boot

Triple buckle boot in gray and black leather. This might not actually work.. Then again, chances are it very well might.


2 - Pink Ballerina Heeled Sandal

Summer's almost over but there's no rules to blogging so here's the ultimate spring shoe; A strapped gray leather heeled sandal with a miniature platform, encircled with pink gathered organza. The "ballerina" shoe if you like. Check back tomorrow for a less feminine look!


1 - Says I

A knock-out pair of shoes are the most crucial element of any outfit. Agree or disagree, yet it's impossible to deny that even the most stylish ensemble is ruined by your poor choice of footwear. 

While squeezing into your jeans is a daily battle, and dresses are a crime to wear more than once (or twice), shoes remain a solid match for anyone as long as they physically fit your foot (with or without an additional sole if need be), guaranteed to transform by making good outfits great, and bad ones better. And if your awful outfit is still just plain awful, well, at least your sparkly shoes are a distraction from what should otherwise be left unseen.

That being said, I must admit I lack this incredible shoe closet I speak of. Too picky to settle and too broke to buy, I convey my passion through my sketches instead, hoping that one day I may be able to create these Dorothy's heels I speak of.