18 - Military Green Bootie

Military Green Bootie, with a gray platform and stiletto heel and shoe string buckles, making it the perfect shoe for your Fall trench-coat-and-leather-pants wardrobe. 

Question: Are you interested in me posting shoe designs inspired by YOUR INDIVIDUAL ideas (such as image links, concepts, etc.)? Let me know in the comment box!


17 - Crystal Waterfall Platform Bootie

Apologies for lack of updates, I was having photo-editing problems but all is well again. Here is my Crystal Waterfall Platform Bootie, in white/baby blue with a crystal embellished ankle and a draped back.

Thoroughly impressed with the creative shoes I saw from New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week, so check back for my next post where I'll include a brief round-up of my favorite pieces as well as a new shoe.


16 - Crystal Ballerina Heel

A variation of my Pink Ballerina Heeled Sandal, with a crystal decorated sole (that continues/doubles as a strap), that encircles the foot with sheer silk organza.


15 - Strapped Knee-High Boots

Two pointed knee-high boots in suede with a stiletto heel. The forest green boot on the left has straps buckled to the front that drape down the back; The navy boot on the right is wrapped with adjustable straps.


14 - Pearl Lined Pattern Heel (2)

Here comes a second version of my previous post, where the straps and toe-cap are printed with a diamond pattern and lined with miniature pearls, followed by sheer purple organza scrunched around the back of the heel. This is 2 of 5, more coming soon!