7 - Leather Panel Wedge

To celebrate my return to New York tonight (home sweet home), comes a shoe that ultimately captures everything you could ever want from footwear in the city right now. A black leather panel wedge. Black because New Yorkers are all about black (no matter what you're told otherwise), leather because it's still in season (hallelujah!), and a wedge because in a city where walking 40 blocks a day is normal, stilettos (or sparkly UGGs for that matter) just won't make the cut.

I also want to thank those who have visited AtYourHeels! I haven't checked out most of your blogs yet because I've been busy with packing, and chances are I will be equally busy settling in this week, so I ask you to bear with me and I promise I'll be making visits and leaving comments soon!


  1. okay... you like HAVE to make this one

  2. pretty good. Do you want to be a shoe designer? Or an illustrator? xx

    1. Shoe designer! Ideally. I'm not formally studying accessory design though.

  3. Amazing designs, love them all!!


  4. love this blog! never too many shoes!


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